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How to help website to raise your business in Bangladesh situation

Bangladesh is a 168 million (16.8 Crore) populated country. 125 million of people have a mobile phone connection and 45 million people use internet. (Source: Huge People use mobile phone here and its 9th position of World Rank and also huge people use mobile internet. 90 to 95 percent Bangladeshi internet user use internet by their mobile phone or smart phone. Broadband and Wimax connection use only 10 to [...]

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How can a graphic designer start printing and publication business in Bangladesh

Hello friends, What about you? Hope fine! Okay, today I will discus about "printing and publication business in Bangladesh". Bangladesh is a high populated country in the earth. We have more than 160 million of population. We are (Bangladeshi People) the ranked 1 of the jobless graduates. It's the not place of our proud. We need to create too many source of self employment to exit from this situation. Printing [...]

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Why Time-Management Is Necessary For Business That Is Online

Because you doesn't be simply distracted by leaping from chance to the next, this really is particularly so, it costs you money. The money you spend registering new domains, setting up hosting accounts creating new sites, and building new opt-in listings may cost a lot of money. If you are just starting out in google search, you're ACTUALLY thrilled about it.which is undoubtedly good. You ought to be thrilled. But [...]

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Envelop Vector Design Free Download

Hello friends How about you. We hope well. Okya ... Today we have opened an unique Envelep vector file for you. It will be help you to creating a good looking envelop for your won company or your clients. We have designed it for your most valuable client " Champion Group" ... and the copyright? Yes because this content copyright only goes to us because except some special deal "Amethyst ICT" [...]

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Virtue Premium WP Theme Fee Download

Virtue is the most popular theme in wordpress. Virtue premimum theme !!! gratuitous download... woow ... friends it's immensely colossal gift from Amethyst. Product Description The Virtue Premium theme is profoundly multifarious with tons of options, facile to customize and loaded with great features. The immaculate modern design is built with html5 and css3 and utilizes the potent responsive framework from Bootstrap to be a plenarily responsive and mobile amicable. [...]

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Bengali Business Card-4 Vector Free Download

Hi Friends It's vector file of 4 attractive Business Cards. You need to text replacement only for own use. It is an unique design of Amethyst ICT. It's very popular to our clients. It's created by Adobe Illustrator cs6. So make sure your pc have adobe illustrator cs6. About this Business card: We have designed this visiting card for many clients. We used most recently for JRS Group (Bangladesh). You [...]

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Premium WP Theme Avada Free Download

Hello my dear friends and visitors, it's a huge and surprise gift for Amethyst ICT's  friends & visitor. Yes it's a Premium Wordpress the fully free. Its "Avada 3.6.1" best seller wordpress theme. Do you what theme we use for build-Up Amethyst ICT's Website .... Yes its "Avada"  ... very user friendly and very light .. only  12 MB. Oh..ho .... I did not said.... It's multifunctional mobile responsive also. [...]

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