I have a dream about digitalization of my country “Bangladesh”. Government of Bangladesh has open a project called “Digital Bangladesh” and I appreciate that. I have been trying to be a little part to my country digitalization and in that case I have joined a computer training firm as an instructor. Last 4 year I have reached many students (Basically Youth).

Before some years Bangladeshi youths have a dream about own a computer whatever it’s desktop or laptop. After annual final exam of high school many parents gift a computer their youth child. After getting a computer teenagder was starting to lean computer literature very easily but deeply. And after some months using the computer a teenadger has filled to learn advance knowledge of computing. Then a teenagder serching inistritute or training center to learn computer literatures such as “Microsoft Office Management” , “Computer Hardware”, “Graphic Design”, “Webpage Design”, “Programming”, “Networking” etc. A good practice was growing in the country. Having computer literature person can find online job very easily. In the result Bangladesh gets a big position in the world in online freelancing and outsourcing field.  Neare about 1.2 million registered freelancer in Bangladesh and more than 7 k (2013) top class freelancer in here who have a good feedback in their profile.

Bangladesh has 6 Mobile Phone network Company and Mobile Phone network business is tooooo profitable business in here. Mobile phone network business has started in the year of 1995. Now near about 110 million peoples have connected by mobile phone in Bangladesh. In starting level maximum mobile subscriber used keypad mobile phones and these are not able to internet browsing; but after some year mobile subscribers have been using smartphones (it’s a mini version of basic computer also). Now more than 70% subscriber use smartphones in Bangladesh. Very low custom duty for  all kinds of mobile phones in bangladesh and its a very big reason to grow up mobile phones and smartphones user of the country.

I think Bangladesh government or authority has satisfied about growing smartphone user. Because a smartphone has connected user to internet. May be Bangladesh government things it’s a big achievement to grow-up ICT in Bangladesh. But I have a claim. I have justify smartphone use is not enough to grow up ICT. Basically 99% of smartphone user of Bangladesh have been connecting with some social media sites only, such as Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Whatsapp, Imo, skyape etc. These are not productive ICT. Many time these are fun related and time passing machine only. (Some different issues also)

But, youths have been diverted to smartphone too fastly. They leave computer and join in smartphone. Then they have not make any interest about advance computing. Now their dream is own a smartphone or more modern smartphone. After browsing Facebook youths think they gets a big knowledge about ICT; maybe Bangladesh government also same things.

Lestes Internet subscriber statistics of Bangladesh  (Till 30 June 2015)

1. Mobile Internet user : 4,68,99,000 Person (Four crore sixty eight lac ninety nine thousand) 97.05%

2. Wimax:                                 1,80,000 Person ( Only One lac eighty thousand)  0.3%

3. Direct Broadband (Line) 12,68,000 Person (Only Twelve lac sixty eight thousand) 2.6%

Total: 4,83,47,000 (Four Crore eighty three lac forty seven thousand) 28% of Total population of Bangladesh.

Source: BTRC