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Envelop Vector Design Free Download

Hello friends

How about you. We hope well. Okya … Today we have opened an unique Envelep vector file for you.

It will be help you to creating a good looking envelop for your won company or your clients. We have designed it for your most valuable client ” Champion Group” … and the copyright? Yes because this content copyright only goes to us because except some special deal “Amethyst ICT” Reserved all the own design copyright in own control. So when we open it for all you can use this most freely.

Now we would like to tell about an envelop design for hard copy printing.

The designed envelop made for one and mor A4 size letter-head pad or pages putting in to this and post or mail. Usually these type of documents we fold three times and putting the envelop. Then we close the envelop and send for mailing. Generally this type of envelops actual size is  Height= 4.15″ and Width= 9.5″ . We have to designed in a A4 size paper (11″ x 8.5″) landscape shape.  This design have 5 parts in grouped. If you need to ungroup for the modifying the file you have to take extra care for these. because if you displace or lost any of the parts so it will be very difficult to execute hard copy printing.

If you do not have any idea about harp copy printing so please find it in  our other posts. If you not find here than please contact with us for this matter. We will happy to discussing about this matter with you. So please enjoy this vector file to explore your creativity and arts.

This file is zipped so you have to unziped this file to use. You need Adobe Illustrator cs6 application installed in your PC for enjoying this.

If you need to any kinds of help about Graphic Design please contact with us by leave a massage by our contact page.

download Thanks a lot. Take care. See you next post.


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