How to help website to raise your business in Bangladesh situation

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How to help website to raise your business in Bangladesh situation

Bangladesh is a 168 million (16.8 Crore) populated country. 125 million of people have a mobile phone connection and 45 million people use internet. (Source: Huge People use mobile phone here and its 9th position of World Rank and also huge people use mobile internet.

90 to 95 percent Bangladeshi internet user use internet by their mobile phone or smart phone. Broadband and Wimax connection use only 10 to 5 percent people. It’s a big disequilibrium and I think government of Bangladesh has to bd6look after about this and take proper action to solve this disequilibrium.

Much of Bangladeshi internet users browse only social sites and it’s for time pass only because there are not enough good quality websites according to user expectation. In the mean time some news sites take place in upper position but their positions too many fluctuated and have a big distance from top positioned social sites. Some Bangla Blog site available but they are to enough and I think these site need to more improvement to attract to visitor.


In this time small business entrepreneurs of the country can make a position very easily in this huge internet browser of Bangladesh. As a result they can raise the business so easily and too quickly. A business needs huge advertising. Business owner make leaflet, poster, brochure and create some designations to distribute these to clients. And business owner has advertised by newspaper. TV or radio. But these are so costly. Example if a business owner makes some leaflet or brochure to delivered to clients so minimum BDT10000 Taka needs to execute this issue. And other these are more costly than leaflet or brochure. You can now click here to learn how other websites generate a lot of clients in a short timbd3e.  And it’s will be too cheap advertisement among other these. Because a website can go to 45 million (Bangladeshi Internet User) clients in a second and without any cost and also they can target international business buy this website. But a website creating cost only BDT5000 to 30000. And no need any employment for  delivered this.


Huge educated jobless people in here and they can hard work any field. ICT can be a great place for these jobless people. If maximum entrepreneur make interest to create website for their company than Bangladesh needs more 2 millions of website per year. So more than 1 million people can find their job in this sector. After that huge Bangladeshi web developer can gather a lot of experience and they can fight for internationally and after that they can collect more and more remittance for my country (may be it’s not only my dream).

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