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Need Paypal in Bangladesh very urgently

Paypal is the most popular online payment system in the world. Its called largest webbank also. Paypal has been playing a very important role to expansion of worldwide e-commerce. Basically online freelancers have get help from paypal mostly.

In this time world have more than 13.4 millions online active workers and they have released from jobless life most successfully. Some popular marketplace helps to meet online buyer and workers. And they make it very easy and simple. Marketplace also ensure a very trusted payment system for buyers and workers. And Paypal is the first and common choice of the marketplaces. All the web marketplace has accept paypal.



In the Bangladesh situation; Bangladesh is the 7th populated country of the world and 2015 bangladesh has more than 100 millions youth generation and more than 35 millions of graduate. Bangladesh is in number 9th place (According all to marketplace) in the ranking of freelancer supplied country. India and Pakistan is above from Bangladesh.

Top 10 Freelancer countries (All Marketplace User)

1. US – 4.1 Millions
2. Russia- 3.2 Millions
3. India- 2.8 Millions
4. Ukraine- 2.4 Millions
5. UK- 2.2 Millions
6. Philippine- 1.8 Millions
7. Pakistan- 1.5 Millions
8. Romania- 1.5 Millions
9. Bangladesh 1.2 Millions
10. Canada- 1.1 Million

But individually some popular market place which support direct bank transfer or other webbank such as Upwork, Freelancer etc. Bangladesh has place in top five in there. So Its a very important issue for success in online marketplace is country supported webbank. And also Bangladeshi freelancer success rate is very high in these marketplaces. In upwork ranking Bangladesh (4th place) has defeated India, Ukraine, Romania, Uk and Pakistan with hard work and sincerity. Upwork is the most popular freelancing marketplace in the world.

Upwork (former oDesk and Elance) Freelancer Country Ranking

1. US

2. Philippines

3. Russia

4. Bangladesh

5. UK

6. Romania

7.  India

8. Ukraine

9. Pakistan

10. Canada

Top Hiring Country in the world (By Spent)

1. US

2. UK

3. France

4. Germany

5. Netherland

6. United Arab Emirates

7. Israel

8. Australia

9. Canada

10. Singapore and Switzerland


Top Freelancing Marketplace (User based)

1. Upwork 

2. Freelancer

3. studio.envato (Paypal Required )

4. 99Designs

5. fiverr (Paypal Required)

6. microworkers 

7. SEO Clerks (Paypal Required)

8. Guru (Paypal Required)

9. Popular Hour  (Paypal Required)

10. Designcrowd  (Paypal Required)


You can see 6 sites among these top 10 sites support paypal only for online  So freelancers have to must need a paypal account for working top ranked marketplace. So need paypal in bangladesh very urgently.

But Paypal has not supported in Bangladesh. A Bangladeshi freelancer can’t register in paypal. Its a very sad story. I have watched a communication gap in Government of Bangladesh and Paypal authority. But recently Bangladesh Government has been trying to solve all obstacle paypal. So we have waiting for a good news from Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak.  Thank you Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak for  for communicating to paypal. If you succes we freelancer has committed to you we will get top position of the world in freelancing field.

Thanks a lot to reading this article.

If you find any wrong information please inform me



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