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We have unlocked our some popular designing works. Now you can download some very very popular Business Card (called V-card in Bangladesh) vector design without any cost. Yes friend it’s fully free.

Popular Vcard created by Amethyst

Popular Vcard created by Amethyst

1st one has created for Unity Enterprise. Its a very simple but attractive design. It has a blue horizontal wave in bottom of the card. 


White background is the best for this design. You have to make a gorgeous logo to use this design. Left middle in the card has 3 related logo of others company which may be business partners of the company. You can replace this with other related pictures or logos.  2 Address property used in this card but you can take one only.

2nd one has very attractive crystal shapes left-top in the card. Its created for a pest control service provider company. Here is 2 hidden column under the company name (logo also). 1 side has contact info and other side has web address of company. You can leave any one side if you have no web address.


Number 3, 6, 7 and 9 are created by same idea. Some time clients want to very polite design but attractive. This design Idea has won many clients hearts. We have printed visiting by created this design Idea more than 50 times for 36 differents clients. I think this is most popular design idea of visiting card in Bangladesh. So I just say you make a design by this Idea and show to your clients then see what he comment.

Other designs have some other differences issues. I can say you please download   and create a design by choosing any Idea from this file and show your client… I hope you will find a very good result.

We have recommended to use this design ideas in Bangladesh or any country of South Asia. Because these are designed for Bangladeshi clients and the matter size is  Width- 3.25″ and Height- 2″ (South Asian Standard)

Download the vector file here download

You can also share your own design for help designer community. For share your own vector work please create an account in dropbox  and upload your design ai or eps file here. Then create an account in this site and make a post with this dropbox link.

Take care all